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Zorbi™ Biodegradable Bed Pan Liners

Item ID:  AMG764-104
Manufacturer Part #:  764-104
23.4 x 17.7 x 0.1 in, Easy Drawstring Closure Closure Type, Cleanis Technology Inside Technology, Fast Acting Pad Bag Contain, Super Absorbent Powder Pad Material, Zorbi™ Biodegradable Bedpan Liner (20 per Roll)
  • Protects Staff And Equipment
  • Fits Most Bedpans And Commode Seats
  • Block Odors
  • Helps Control Infections And Saves Staff Time
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  • Zorbi™ Biodegradable Bedpan Liner
  • Dimensions: 23.4 x 17.7 x 0.1 in
  • Closure Type: Easy Drawstring Closure
  • Technology: Cleanis Technology Inside
  • Bag Contain: Fast Acting Pad
  • Pad Material: Super Absorbent Powder
  • Zorbi Biodegradable Commode And Bedpan Liners Are A Hygienic, Easy And Efficient Way To Dispose Of Liquid Human Waste While Minimizing Its Contact With Equipment And Staff. Unlike Liner Bags Made Of Recycled Plastic That Remain In Landfills, These Biodegradable Liners Will Begin To Decompose In Landfills Within A Few Months Of Being Thrown Away. Each White Zorbi Commode And Bedpan Liner Bag Contains A Fast Acting Pad Made From A Super Absorbent Powder. In As Little As 30 Seconds After Contact With Liquid, This Super Absorbent Pad Expands To Contain 600 Ml Of Organic Liquids And Waste And Then It Solidifies Into A Gel. This Conveniently Reduces The Risk Of Spills, Locks In Odors And Helps Control Germs. Zorbi Liner Bags Can Then Be Securely Closed With An Easy Drawstring Closure And Disposed Of Quickly And Easily With Regular Garbage. These Single Use Commode And Bedpan Liners Help Control Infections, Reduce The Risk Of Cross Contamination And Make It Easier For Caregivers And Staff To Contain And Control Liquid Human Waste. Zorbi Hygienic Liner Bags Fit Most Commode Pales And Bedpans. Package Includes 20 Commode And Bedpan Liners And 20 Fast Acting Pads.