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Perisafe™ Epidural Catheter

Item ID:  CHS400507
Manufacturer Part #:  400507

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36 in Length, 20 G Gauge, Nylon Catheter Material, Closed End Catheter Tip Type, Luer Thread Assist Thread Assist Connection Type, 18 G x 3-1/2 in BD Perisafe™ Epidural Needles Compatible Epidural Needles, BD Perisafe™ Catheter Connector Catheter Connector Type, 25 ± 2°C Temperature Range, Disposable, Sterile, Ethylene Oxide (EO) Sterilization Method, BPA-Free Yes, DEHP-Free Yes, PVC-Free Yes, Latex-Free Yes, Perisafe™ Epidural Catheter (50 per Case)

  • Use with with 18 G x 3 1/2 in. needle, Enhanced threadability facilitates catheter placement, Catheter flexibility reduces the potential for puncturing the dura or venous walls, New catheter connector is designed to prevent catheter pull out while resisting occlusion from overtightening
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  • Perisafe™ Epidural Catheter
  • Length: 36 in
  • Gauge: 20 G
  • Catheter Material: Nylon
  • Catheter Tip Type: Closed End
  • Thread Assist Connection Type: Luer Thread Assist
  • Compatible Epidural Needles: 18 G x 3-1/2 in BD Perisafe™ Epidural Needles
  • Catheter Connector Type: BD Perisafe™ Catheter Connector
  • Temperature Range: 25 ± 2°C
  • Usage: Disposable
  • Sterility: Sterile
  • Sterilization Method: Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • BPA-Free: Yes
  • DEHP-Free: Yes
  • PVC-Free: Yes
  • Latex-Free: Yes
  • Epidural Catheter Perisafe™ 20 Gauge Closed End Three Hole